Cotton Candy with Bubble Cover

Cotton Candy with Bubble Cover


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Introducing our innovative Cotton Candy Machine with Bubble Cover, the perfect addition to any event or party! This state-of-the-art machine combines the classic charm of cotton candy with a modern twist, creating a delightful experience for both kids and adults.

Our Cotton Candy Machine features a powerful motor that spins sugar into fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth cotton candy in just minutes. With its easy-to-use design, anyone can become a master cotton candy maker. Simply pour in your favorite flavored sugar, turn on the machine, and watch as it transforms into a sweet, sugary cloud.

But what sets our Cotton Candy Machine apart is its unique Bubble Cover. This clear, dome-shaped cover not only adds a touch of whimsy to your cotton candy station but also serves as a protective shield. It prevents any stray sugar particles from flying out, ensuring a mess-free and hygienic environment.

The Bubble Cover also adds an element of excitement to the cotton candy-making process. As the sugar spins and transforms into cotton candy, guests can watch in awe through the transparent cover, creating a mesmerizing visual display. Kids and adults alike will be captivated by the magical transformation taking place before their eyes.

Our Cotton Candy Machine with Bubble Cover is not only perfect for birthday parties, carnivals, and fairs but also for fundraisers, school events, and corporate functions. It adds a fun and nostalgic element to any gathering, instantly turning it into a memorable experience.

So, whether you're hosting a children's party, planning a community event, or simply want to indulge in a sweet treat, our Cotton Candy Machine with Bubble Cover is the ultimate choice. Get ready to spin up some sugary goodness and create lasting memories with this must-have addition to your party arsenal.

The price shown is for our cotton candy machine with bubble cover ONLY. No supplies included. To purchase supplies please Click here for the sugar! and Click here for the cones!

Cotton Candy Machine with Bubble Cover is a tabletop item, if you need a table please add it to the order for proper setup, click here to view our different table options.

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